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George Floyd's brutal murder by an American cop


"Sir, please, I can't breathe."

"I can't breathe."

"I'm going to die. Let me breathe."

These are the last words of 46-year-old George Floyd, brutally murdered on Monday, May 25 by an American cop. His death was the main dramatic event of the month, appeared in all the media, and pushed back even the coronavirus. So what happened?

On the evening of May 25, the owner of a store in Minneapolis called the police and reported an attempt to pay with a fake bill and asked the cops to come. According to the description, police recognized George Floyd, although there is still no evidence that he was the culprit. The cops decided to arrest him.

Floyd was cuffed and face-lined on the ground. Obviously, he could no longer resist in this position, but a police officer named Derek Shawwin demonstrated working diligence and decided to hand over the detainee's neck with his knee. Shocked passers filmed on the phone and shouted to the cops that a man could die. George himself turned around, wheezed, moaned that he couldn't breathe, and was dying, begging the officer to get his foot off his neck, he did not resist and just lay on the ground.

But the cop kept on torturing. The recording confirms that the policeman sat on George's neck for at least 7 minutes until he died in front of the crowd. After that, the policemen threw the body on a stretcher and sent him to the hospital to record his death.

The video immediately became viral and collected tens of millions of views. The only description of this video that comes to my mind is, "a white policeman executed a black suspect without trial".

Since Tuesday, protests have begun in Minneapolis. Hundreds of citizens have taken to the streets demanding justice. The protests escalated into clashes with the police and then into a full-scale riot - an angry crowd destroyed cars, shops and attacked police officers. The news stories from Minneapolis these days are similar to those of the civil war... Protesters are calling for the arrest of the four police officers involved in the murder and sending them to court.

At this point, you'll be surprised. Aren't they still under arrest? Four soul mates have just been fired from the police. The FBI is now investigating the case, the mayor of Minneapolis has already asked the prosecutors to charge the police and President Trump has asked for the same in several tweets.

A petition for the arrest of police officers has collected 1.6 million signatures per day. Politicians, stars, and influents are asking to judge the police for murder.

George Floyd's story is sobering and reminiscent of three things. First, Americans have a special phrase - "police brutality". Second, racism and cops' bias against black suspects is unlikely to disappear in the next hundred years, despite the efforts of the media, government, and tolerance ideology. Thirdly, cops, soldiers, and other security forces dangerous everywhere, because even in America it is possible to die under the knee of a fascist in the uniform of a policeman.

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