The Chess Player Filed a Lawsuit Against the Queen’s Gambit Series
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Georgian Chess Player Filed a Lawsuit Against the Queen’s Gambit Because of Sexism

Georgian Chess Player Filed a Lawsuit Against the Queen’s Gambit Because of Sexism

Who would have thought that the cool chess series The Queen's Gambit would cause a real scandal a year after its release? But it happened. 80-year-old chess player Nona Gaprindashvili has filed a lawsuit against the creators of the series The Queen's Gambit: the grandmaster accused the authors of the hit from Netflix of sexism.

The world champion who won her main titles and titles under the flag of the USSR was outraged by the fact that she was called Russian in the series. And also by the fact that they said about her as if she had never played with men. For spreading false information about herself, the Georgian chess player wants to receive 5 million dollars from the creators of the series.

Nona Gaprindashvili is the fifth world chess champion who held the title for 16 years. It is worth noting that she also became the first woman who managed to fulfill the norm of an international grandmaster in men's competitions.

Now, almost a year later, Nona and her representatives sued Netflix who sacrificed her reputation, and deliberately lied about her accomplishments for the sake of unnecessary dramatization and bringing uniqueness to the biography of the fictional character. The lawsuit notes that by 1968, in which the events of the series take place, the chess player had played with at least 10 male grandmasters.

Not only does Nona demand 5 million dollars from the company, but also asks that words that she considers unreliable be removed from the series.

The streaming service itself reacted with restraint: it indicated respect for the achievements of the Soviet grandmaster and her outstanding career but considered the demand baseless. Netflix doesn't agree with the accusations and is ready to defend in court.

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