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German Gymnasts Refused To Wear Swimsuits at the Olympic Games in Tokyo

German Gymnasts Refuse To Perform in Swimsuits, Protesting Athletes’ Sexualization

Gymnasts from Germany attracted the attention of the media and sports fans. The athletes were wearing full-body suits instead of swimsuits during the performance at Tokyo Olympics. With such a gesture, the girls expressed their dissatisfaction with the sexualization of women in sports.

This is not the first such performance by German gymnasts: the German national team has already appeared in bodysuits at the European Championships in April. According to the athletes and their trainers, closed-up clothing makes them feel more confident and safe during the competitions.

Earlier, a scandal exploded after a Norwegian team refused to enter the field in swimsuits, as a result of which they received a fine. Many celebrities spoke out in their defense, and the singer P!nk even offered to personally pay the fine for the athletes.

Interestingly, there are no restrictions on suits in artistic gymnastics. It states that a gymnast should wear a suit that is elegantly decorated, but most gymnasts still prefer swimsuits.

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