Ghostbusters: Afterlife will differ this time and we will finally see a darker episode
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Ghostbusters: Afterlife will please us with darker and more violent elements


The new Ghostbusters: Afterlife makes it clear that the latest episode will be different from the latest film. The upcoming movie is a continuation of the original film and also a kind of "soft reboot".

While the new video for Ghostbusters: Afterlife is still considered entertaining, it is very dark and violent. And this is, of course, nothing more than a reboot of 2016 Ghostbusters, a film that seemed to remove all of the original dark elements, leaving only comedy.

The original 1984 Ghostbusters combines several horror scenes with more familiar monsters and corpses. And despite the fact that the film is quite humorous, it still tries to remain serious. But the next films had fewer horror elements.

The original Ghostbusters managed to link the line between comedy and horror. But with the arrival of new films, the story gradually became more family-friendly. However, this new clip of the intelligent marshmallow monsters shows at least some indication of the nature of the next story. It seems we are finally going to have a darker episode.

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