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Gigi Hadid Celebrated Her Birthday With Emily Ratajkowski and Blake Lively

Yesterday the eldest of the supermodel sisters and young mother Gigi Hadid celebrated her 27th birthday. A couple of months ago, she surprised her fans by appearing with a new shade of hair: she completely discolored her long curls. And on a special day, she chose the outfit of snow-white lace.

The model wore absolutely transparent winged trousers that she combined with silk underwear, a tight corset, and a long cape.  The trio looked very fabulous, festive, and not at all vulgar. 

The girl celebrated her birthday in New York together with the model Emily Ratajkowski and the Hollywood actress Blake Lively. She threw a party in one of the clubs in Manhattan. The guests gathered at the Zero Bond establishment and demonstrated luxurious outfits at the entrance.

Gigi's ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter Zayn Malik was not invited to the party. The couple parted ways last year after the star's mother, Yolanda, accused him of assaulting her.

Gigi Hadid Birthday
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