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Google Is Developing Protection From Glancing Into Other People’s Laptops

google os protection

Recently, it became known about the original feature that Google plans to integrate into Chrome OS. The company has developed an algorithm that will protect laptop screens from spying eyes.

According to the information, HPS will appear in future generations of Chromebooks, which will combine the functions of face recognition and scanning of the background behind the user. With the help of a special software algorithm, the system will be able to determine if someone is looking at the screen of the device, in addition to its user.

The sensor will determine the number of people in the frame and notify the user about monitoring using a special icon, as well as hide notifications or even the entire contents of the screen, depending on the selected settings. This will increase the level of privacy when using the laptop in a wide variety of scenarios, including school and work.

It is expected that the first commercial devices supporting the new technology will not be available until next year. Google itself has not provided any comments yet.

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