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Grammy Award ratings drop 51% on Sunday


The producers of Grammy, like all other shows during the pandemic, had to arrange a performance with the stars online at Zoom. However, the audience still did not join this kind of event.

According to the data, CBS's Grammy telecast reached 9.2 million TV viewers together with streaming TV viewers on Sunday. This is considered the lowest mark in the entire history of existence and 51% less than last year. This follows a 63% drop in Golden Globe ratings a few weeks ago. all these facts are enough to make TV executives worry about whether this is happening due to the pandemic situation or whether the reasons for the anxiety are deeper and more serious.

There are many other factors as well as the decline of terrestrial television in general. For example, now there are fewer films, TV shows, and songs that can unite society. In addition, social media allows fans to be aware of the highlights of the awards ceremony later, instead of watching the full event, which lasted nearly four hours on Sunday at Grammy Awards. However, for Grammy Awards, the downgrade occurred despite the general consensus that the event was well planned.

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