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Group Watch HBO Max Is Going to Snapchat Where Up to 64 Users Can Be Together

hbo max group watch

Streaming service HBO Max will allow the users of the Snapchat application to co-watch their premiere episodes. So far, the HBO Max group watch is available only to the residents of the USA.

The Snap Minis platform will allow you to organize a joint viewing with other users. A total of 64 people can be present during the group watch HBO Max. And while watching, you can chat and exchange reactions using Bitmoji.

To access the free collection of pilot episodes, you must specify your age. And then, after each episode, users over 18 will be advised to subscribe to HBO Max.

The partnership between HBO and Snapchat is another step towards connecting people, who love to get together and watch their favorite shows. The joint project is an attempt by the streaming service to attract new customers from the social network, which is used by more than 93 million people in the North American region daily.

Previously, HBO Max has offered potential customers to watch streams of some of the episodes for free on its website.

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