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Guatemalan Migrant Nearly Died in the Landing Gear of the Plane on the Way to the USA

Guatemalan Migrant Nearly Died

An illegal migrant flew from Guatemala to the United States and hid in the landing gear of an American Airlines plane. The incident took place on November 27 on a Guatemala flight to Miami. The man in the plane's landing gear was found by airport workers after landing. He was immediately taken to the hospital to provide the necessary medical attention.

According to American Airlines representatives, law enforcement officers met the flight for safety reasons because they feared that the foreigner could either harm himself or endanger the lives of other passengers on board. At the moment, the case is being investigated. Doctors consider it a miracle that the man managed to survive. The hospital also noted that the migrant was extremely frightened and only miraculously survived a 2.5-hour flight from Guatemala to the United States. The 26-year-old man was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, given that at cruising altitude the temperature is minus 40-50 degrees.

In recent years, illegal migrants have come to the United States mainly from Guatemala. People are leaving government because of corruption, poverty, and violence.

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