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Guess I'll Die Original Meme Read About Origin Of Shrugging Old Man Photo Below

The Guess I'll Die original, or the so-called shrugging old man, was once a common stock photo of an elderly man in a red sweater who shrugs. Later, it was this photo that became associated with the “Guess I’ll Die” meme, which is used to express an ironic reaction due to resignation to death due to some situation. Let's find out a little more about this meme and get to know the man who is depicted on it.

Meme Origin

guess i'll die original

The Guess I'll Die template for the meme of the old man in the sweater comes from a popular series of stock photos. The elderly man's name is Mike Baldwin, and in October 2009 his wife, photographer Anna Baldwin, uploaded a picture to istockphoto. The collection has been gradually replenished, and now on every stock site you can find a dozen images of Baldwin in various poses.

For the first time, this picture was used as a Guess Ill Die Meme original a very long time ago, on April 26, 2011 in one of the English-speaking forums. But it wasn't until 2013 that the image became popular and users began to force it across various social networks. The blogger herbatka’s soup photographed the head of a sloth for Guess I'll Die guy and described the picture with entertaining facts about these animals. The humor was in a pose that is similar to the I Dunno LOL meme.

The Guess I'll Die Meme began to spread across English-speaking social networks, especially Facebook. Later he migrated to entertainment sites, became popular on Tumblr. In 2015, the Meme Generator site uploaded a template for a meme and called it “shrugging old man”.

In 2016, the meme developed and became known as I Guess I’ll Die. This was facilitated by the post of Facebook user Adam Davis. He captioned the post with the phrase, "When you are too poor to afford affordable health care."

This publication became unrealistically viral and scored a huge number of reposts, as much as 29 thousand and more than 9 thousand likes with user reactions.

This version of the meme became even more popular, and to this day, Mike Baldwin Meme - an old man in a red sweater, is associated with the phrase “I think I'll die” and its variations.

The meme came to the countries of the former CIS with a delay. Pictures with an old man shrugging his shoulders began to appear on social networks in mid-October 2017 and reached a peak in popularity on October 19-20. They are still found in our tape and make you laugh heartily.

Mike Baldwin’s Reaction to the Meme

mike baldwin meme

The man Mike himself is aware that he has become a meme. In the summer of 2017, he posted a photo on his Facebook page in which he stands in the same position. The picture shows a man wearing a T-shirt with a print in the form of the I Guess I’ll Die meme. Say this is very funny, isn't it?

As soon as Mike found out that he had become Old Man Guess I'll Die Meme, he was absolutely not against it and said that he did not care about the culture of memes, and also did not mind the fact that people use his photo for memes. In general, this is a very positive reaction from a person of advanced age.

Meme MeaningGuess Ill Die Meme makes fun of situations in which a person speaks with exaggeration of approaching old age or death. In addition, a picture of an old man shrugging his shoulders can express a person's fear of an action. Often, when we have to do something that we are afraid or ashamed of, we say: "I would rather die than do this" or "I thought I would die because I could not make up my mind." Therefore, now after reading this article, you can safely use this meme to express such feelings.

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