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Hilarious Guy Crying Meme: The Meaning And Origin Of The Sad Image

guy crying meme

At the moment, there are a large number of memes where someone cries. They are quite popular, because every day there are more and more situations that can be described by these pictures. Black man crying meme is a four-panel comic that depicts a crying black man. Why is he crying and what caused him to record such a sad video, we’ll discuss this below. We have also compiled for you a small selection of the most viral and funniest pictures with this black guy.

Meme Origin

The footage that became the black man crying meme template was taken from a viral video. In December 2016, a Man started crying because his weed is so good video circulated on the Internet. The hero of the video smokes a joint, cries, and comments on his feelings.

In the fall of 2017, footage from this video became a meme. One of the first was a comic book in which a black man crying over weed is combined with frames from the cartoon “Monsters, Inc”. The picture spread across the English-speaking Internet and then reached the Runet. As a result, users began to substitute other touching shots that could bring a black man to tears.

Meaning of the Meme

“Crying black guy” is a reaction to everything sweet, touching. The guy crying meme is used in conjunction with frames from old cartoons, where there are scenes of farewell to the character. As planned, on the first strip, a black guy starts to cry after seeing a familiar scene. On the second strip, there are even more tears, and he even turns away so as not to look.

In some variants of memes, the guy cries not from tenderness, but something offensive. From this, it becomes doubly sad and I want to feel sorry for this man as soon as possible.

A Selection of Funny Memes

black man crying meme

Eminem has been compared to M&Ms. What to do if Eminem is already 45 years old, and these sweet candies can only live 44–46 years!? It's time for us to prepare for the fact that the best rapper on the planet will soon be gone and the crying guy on this dude crying meme describes the tragedy of the situation.

dude crying

It seems this crying man meme can only describe sad life moments. Those who were abandoned by a boyfriend and suffered for a long time after a breakup would understand the emotional state of this man. After your heart is broken, you want to smoke and just cry for days on end.

crying person meme

Are there Fortnite fans among our readers? The funniest thing is when your opponent kills you in a match and starts dancing after you die. I want to cry like this black guy on this sad crying person meme.

man crying over weed

Memories always inspire sadness, especially if you make a video sequence of them to the music. Surely iPhone owners have noticed at least once that the iPhone offers to watch a beautiful video made up of recent photos or saved pictures.

dude crying meme

The double meme in which they joke about a black guy who cries. In this four-panel meme, we first see a picture of someone googling how old this dude crying is. It turned out that he is 41 years old and below we see a query in Google about how long black people live and Google gave the answer – 42 years.

black man cry

How can you not cry when someone just copied your black man cry meme, posted it on some social network, and got more likes? Therefore, you need to watermark your memes, which makes it harder to copy and steal your images.

black man crying meme template

This is a black dude crying meme for those who have not seen what a black guy looks like when he is calm. Looking at this man, you can’t even say that he is the hero of an incredibly popular meme that has spread across all social networks with great speed.

crying weed man

Another popular crying weed man meme about a black man feeling sad again. But we see a weighty reason to cry, because LilPampu is only 17 years old, and the average life expectancy of a person is about 79 years. It is very sad to understand this fact and it is impossible not to cry.

The authors of the blog hope that you won’t be sad like this guy who cries and smokes weed. But if you read carefully, you realized that he was crying from how much steep weed he smokes. Such is the paradox – he looks sad and devastated, but in fact, he is so happy that he burst into tears.

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