Twitch Platform Breaking in Can Be the Largest Leak in Recent Years
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Hackers Stole Data From the Twitch Streaming Platform Owned by Jeff Bezos

Hackers Stole Data From the Twitch

It became known how much Twitch streamers receive - it is likely that hackers have hacked these platforms

After hackers broke in Twitch, it became known how much the streamers receive. And now, the game streaming platform has confirmed that a users' significant amount of data was obtained.

On Wednesday, 100 gigabytes of files appeared on Internet, which include private company information and data which concerns streamers' profits. The documents show that streamers have received millions of dollars during the past few years. The platform owned by Jeffrey Bezos' Amazon said it is currently trying to learn exactly what data was stolen.

The information about the hacking was also confirmed by popular Twitch streamers. For example, Calc who plays Fortnite said his incomes are 100% correct.

The document records payments from August-September 2019 to October 2021 period. Such streamers as CriticalRole, Canadian xQC, and American Summit1g gained the most during this period. According to the leak, CriticalRole earned 9.5 million dollars for the period.

The hackers also say that they managed to obtain the original computer code that the platform is operated.

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