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Happy New Viral Year! Celebration Begins!

happy new year

Dear memers, life-story fans, and all the rest, this day has finally come! The team of Everything Is Viral wants to congratulate all of you guys and girls on overcoming all the crap that happened in 2020! You are awesome and you are doing great! We wish all of you to have guts, to be electrified by life and people surrounding you!

Also, we want to thank all of you because we started running on this blog recently and already see progress here! We know that you like searching the Net for new memes, everything bizarre in nature and human lives, going on the waves of stories about celebrities and TV shows, etc.

But today we want to share something special and unique. Read our cool greetings text for online cards till the end of it.

We Wish You…

We want to wish you so many things! For instance, to be healthy, friendly, easy-going, to be corona-free, to spend your holidays in hugs with those you love. but will it be VIRAL? So get ready for real viral greetings!

  • We wish you to be even more successful than Elon Musk in 2021!
  • We wish you to be less serious. Don’t be like a parody of Serious Cat Meme.
  • We wish you to find someone or be with someone you love so eyes get triggered and glow with red shining!
  • We wish you to spend more time with family and friends outside. Go and become one with nature, dude.
  • We wish you to have an interesting life and a satisfactory job to don’t get spotted cosplaying Daniel Radcliffe with guns!
  • We wish you to stay toasty and consider the fact that every day in your life is viral.

See you next time in 2021! Don’t get drunk too much and have a nice time!

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