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American Producers Will Shoot the Harry Potter Film With Transgender Actors

harry potter actors

The filmmakers from America are planning to shoot an updated version of Harry Potter. In the new project, which will be released in the format of a series, the producers want to give roles to non-binary and transgender actors. The creators claim that this decision is connected with the scandal surrounding the British writer JK Rowling. A year ago, the author claimed that trans women are equal to biological women. Therefore, the producers are looking for a more diverse cast for the main roles.

Only Joanne Rowling can stop the project if she decides to sue the producers for using her characters. However, even if the writer approves the idea, the creators will have to negotiate with NBCUniversal. The media corporation owns the contract for the broadcast of films and a variety of content related to the franchise.

Currently, the official dates of the release for the new series are not known. According to some reports, the show will be created by a TikTok producer. In the new script, a lot of attention is paid to the disclosure of minor characters, but the plot will not focus on Harry Potter himself, but, most likely, on his parents.

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