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Harry Styles’ Latest Song As It Was Sets Two Records on the Spotify Platform

Harry Styles

Harry Styles' new single is a definite hit. Despite the fact that As It Was was released only on April 1, it has already set records on Spotify. During the first day, the composition was listened to 21.6 million times. This is the highest mark for a song in 2022.

The previous record was held by Anitta. Her composition called Envolver was listened to 8.6 million times in a day. Against this backdrop, Styles' achievement looks even more impressive, as his track scored 2.5 times more streams than the song of the Brazilian singer.

In addition, the track was played 8.3 million times in the US in the first 24 hours, which is also an absolute record. Harry Styles managed to beat even Olivia Rodrigo. Last year, her super hit named Drivers License scored 8 million plays in America on the first day.

As It Was is the first single from the singer's third solo album, which got the title Harry's House. Its release is scheduled to take place on May 20. In a recent interview, the artist said that he was very proud of his new album- more than the previous two records.

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