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Are You Having A Funny And Weird Situation? This Is A Moment For A Hold Up Meme!

A character from the game Fallout became the hero of the popular Hold Up meme template macro. This image is used in black and white and depicts the Vault Boy. Surely this Hold Up meme with his participation is loved and often used by gamers. The Vault Boy character stands with outstretched arms and smiles, the meme ends with a funny caption “Hold up”. This Hol Up meme is very often used to show your reaction to something strange or not entirely normal. Below you can see the top 12 very funny and amazing Fallout memes that you can only react to by saying “Hold up”.

The very moment that Fallout 76 Vault Boy describes is when you really understand a specific topic very well, and some person tries to pretend that he is very smart, but still says the wrong things. In this case, it is better to let him know that he is completely wrong.

Fallout 76 Vault Boy

If this is a Hold On meme with a correspondence with a friend who robbed banks and made 12 million dollars, then this is just a golden friend! This should never be handed over to the cops, although how did he manage to rob several banks and stay not arrested?

Hold On meme

Most likely in Area 51 they made an airport for alien creatures, can’t lie to us now Hold Up meme? If aliens arrive on earth, they can immediately fly somewhere from the airport, right? Or the government decided to pretend that Area 51 is a regular airport, but instead of planes, flying saucers land there.

now Hold Up meme

Does your chinchilla eat up the universe too? It is very strange, if not, but judging by the requests in Google on this Vault Boy reaction image, then some person's chinchilla really eats not only food, but also our universe. Make sure that your pets are well-fed and do not accidentally eat something important, for example, the universe.

Vault Boy reaction image

If you managed to read only the first part of this Fallout Hold Up meme, then we advise you not to read the text to the end. A very strange moment about breastfeeding a dog awaits you... Can anyone explain how this is possible?

Fallout Hold Up meme

The situation in this Vault Boy meme that I would not want to experience sometime in my life. Imagine that you sneezed, and suddenly a voice sounded behind your back and said “Bless you”. I wonder who it could be – a ghost or a monster that wants to devour you?

Vault Boy meme

The beginning of this Hold The Fuck Up meme also looked very cute and everyone most likely thought that the man gave the guy a watch and a wallet, but after reading the text to the end, we learn that this guy threatened him with a gun. A very controversial Fall Out Boy meme about which you just want to say: “Hold up”.

Fallout meme Hold Up

We hope that this is not a vital Hold Up Fallout meme for you, since it is very strange to write down “daddy” of your father and brother on your phone. Especially if you write a message with congratulations on Father's Day to your brother, instead of your dad.

Fallout Vault Boy meme

What is described in the Fallout meme Hold Up is familiar to everyone who is already 20 years old. You start to feel old when you get out of bed and everything turns black in front of your eyes. And it is also very unpleasant when at the age of 20 the back begins to crackle.

Hold Up memes

If you look closely, you can understand that the guy had sex with his own sister and now her boyfriend wants to beat this guy... What's wrong with this world? Let's hope that this is just a comic Fallout Vault Boy meme and has no connection with reality.

The authors of the blog wish you never to find yourself in such strange situations as on the Hold Up memes above. Many of them are really just Vault Boy funny moments, but we know that in every joke there is a grain of truth and this makes it uncomfortable.

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