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2,000 Hamsters Will Be Euthanized in Hong Kong Over Coronavirus Transmission Threat

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In Hong Kong, a 23-year-old pet store employee became the first person in three months to get infected with the coronavirus.

Authorities believe this is the first case of animal-to-human transmission of COVID-19. Now the city plans to euthanize about two thousand rodents because of the threat of the further spread of the virus. Local residents were asked to turn in all hamsters that were bought after December 22 last year. It was on this day that Hong Kong pet stores received a new batch of rodents that could be infected with the disease.

The country also asked people not to kiss their pets. On Tuesday, they ordered hamsters to be euthanized after 11 rodents tested positive despite outrage from animal lovers.

Hong Kong has also experimented with rabbits and chinchillas. As a result, the city temporarily forbade the import of small animals. Also, various pet shops were closed and disinfected.

In November 2020, the Danish authorities decided to kill more than 10 million minks because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus. Dead rodents were buried in 15 common graves.

There have also been cases of COVID-19 in dogs and cats around the world, although scientists say there is no evidence that animals are responsible for infecting humans.

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