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clown pepe / honk honk meme

honk honk meme

Today we have prepared something hot! Are you ready to know the true origins of the Honk Honk meme? How Clown Pepe is connected to racist pranks, even to neo-Nazis culture?! Continue reading to know the shocking news!

From Pepe to Sad Clown: Shocking Facts About Honk Honkler

Clown Pepe has many names (Honk Honkler, Honkler, Clown Pepe, clownworld, Heil Honkler) is a widely known modification of Pepe the Frog, which was transformed into a Pepe the Clown Frog. A lot of people use it even without a clear understanding of what hides behind this funny clown frog face.

Clown Pepe meme has a dark side meaning. Originally, it was created for promoting the propaganda of neo-Nazi, spreading racism in form of memes. It represents the alternative rights movements (neo-Nazi ideas opposed to multiculturalism, tolerance, social justice).

The first version of the “Honk Honk (Pepe)” picture of the meme appeared on 4chan in February 2019. Clown World meme can be applied in the form of two emojis 🤡🌏. But the subculture of usage of the term “Clown World” dates back to 2015. 

But What Does It Mean?

Clown World is used by people demanding that the Western part of the planet is freaky, funny, and crazy because they embrace social justice politics. Moreover, these racists claim that such a "crazy world" is ruled by Jewish clowns.

🤡🌏Origins of Clown Frog Meme🌏🤡

honk honk pepe

The origin of the meme starts from a Discord server. Funny, that that server was created for League of Legends players, precisely, for The Shadow Isles 3v3 battles. We even can nickname you the creator of the server. His online nickname is "Brizi"

One of the events in The Shadow Isles in LOL made the reskinning of "gwoos" to look like clowns. After it, the creative author modified the famous Pepe meme into Clown Pepe (Honk Honk) meme.

The Spread of the Meme

honk honkler

On January 21st, 2019, the user of Reddit calling himself Skrub-eon posted a screenshot of a 4chan post featuring a new modified Pepe with the following text "What emotion does this image evoke from you?"

After it, 9 days later,  someone has submitted the clown Pepe picture on 4chan's /v/ board with a text on "Honk Honk".

A post highlighting the picture with the text "Why Honk Honk is the next OK sign" was submitted on  /pol/, on February 11th, 2019. Moreover, a new edit of the Honk Honk meme appeared called Operation Honk, representing the meme images under the Google Image search Honkler.

On April 4th, appeared a new scandal article on the Internet. The article had a title featuring that White Nationalists accepted Clown as a new racist meme symbol. It was published by Right Wing Watch.

The author of the article stated that there was an excess of racist-color memes implementing performances like "lynching black people" and other extremist actions. Also, the article represented the issue of the association of Clown Frog with the Clown World.

In the summer times of 2019 Honkler memes got even more attention from the side of the global community. Starting from the rumor of banning posts on Twitter because of using the word “Honk”  on 8 June 2019. User @GarbHum reported that by posting a screenshot on Facebook.

Reddit banned the /r/honkler subreddit on July 1st, 2019 because there were signs of violation of the content policy of the platform. On the next day, the news boomed by reposting the article of The Daily Dot featuring the act of banning of Alt-right subreddit.

More Than Meme

Funny from its look but dangerous of hidden content inside, Honk Honk meme turned the community of the Internet upside down. This shows that you should be attentive when you want to use some funny prank if you don't know its origins.

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