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How Can Art Help to Overcome Coronavirus Pandemic: Knoxville Man & His Way to Fight Against COVID-19

mexican art

Say hello to art and open your mind to the world of creativity to manage to survive and live a happy life in Coronavirus World! Don’t worry! This article is positive!

Unfortunately, COVID-19 did not remain in 2020 like millions of people hope. Still, there is no time to be in a bad mood! Knoxville artist is fighting with his pain by art.

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His name is Hector Saldivar, and he is making a real effort to the Latinx community. Despite losing his family because of Coronavirus, the man keeps going supporting other people with his masterpieces.

His relationships with art began in childhood when he used to make piñatas. 

Every one of his handcrafted art pieces describing an element of a virus that has decimated his community.

From February 1, 2021, he has an open gallery with his arts at the Hola Hora Latina gallery. You will also like: The most popular porn actress wants to be a crazy doggie owner

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