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What Is An Internet Troll? Learn In 3 Easy Steps How To Troll On Forums And On The Internet

what is an internet troll

Each of us, probably, at least once felt a sense of satisfaction at the moment when your prank was successful and you ran into someone's irritated reaction. At that moment, when the person, over whom they played a trick, realized that he was the victim of someone's cunning plan. Trolling can take absolutely any form, so it is very important to prepare for each of them individually. They say that there are several elements inherent in all types of trolling, regardless of who uses them. What is an Internet troll? On the Internet or online games, trolling is often used to denote actions aimed at pranking or making fun of. If you want to know how to troll then, this article is for you!

internet troll meme

Value of Trolling or Why Is It Called Trolling?

Find a Good Audience

best internet troll

The most common method of trolling is that you have to get the audience to believe that you really think in a certain way, when in fact, you do not think so at all. To do this, you need to find a place where people exchange their opinions. Of course, you can shout in the middle of the grocery store that you are sure that Obama is an alien agent who steals electricity and secret technology, but, unfortunately, you will not attract attention to yourself in this way. Well, maybe the police.

internet trolling facts

The most common targets for trolling are political or religious forums. Or anything else related to politics or religion. As a rule, both there and there fanatics gather who simply cannot remain silent when the conversation touches on these topics. They are the easiest targets to hone your how to troll the Internet skills.

Don't troll in Youtube comments. There, and so a crowd of trolls dwells. This is not a place where you can stand out in any way, so don't waste your wits on it.

how to become a paid internet troll

Don't Make Trolling Too Obvious

It doesn't take a lot of brains to go to a religious forum and write “God is a fagot”. You don't need to be seven inches in the forehead to say that you are a troll. Best Internet troll will take the time to prepare for a good prank. Make them believe that you are okay with what they say. And then blow their brains out.

Here is an Internet troll example. Spend some time in this community, leaving normal posts and comments before declaring a crisis of faith and saying that God would like people to have sex with members of the same gender. People will not expect this turn of events.

internet troll example

Pretend to Be Embarrassed

You can ask for clarification of some key points, and at the same time insist on the correctness and reasonableness of your crazy opinion. You can talk for hours about how great your opinion is and express surprise that no one agrees with him. And if someone doubts your position and calls you a troll, show that you are confused that they think so.

Beginner Trolling Advices

Find Newbies

It will be trolling in its purest form, since it all came from the phrase "trolling for noobs". This means showing newbies their ignorance. Go to the forum and look at the comments of people who ask for help with basic things that they should first google so as not to be surprised why do people troll them.

how to troll the internet

Answer In the Worst Way

Write a response that contains helpful, but overly general guidelines that won't work on their own. Give it a link to something ghoulish and scary and write, “If you still can't figure it out, follow the link for more details. Give the impression that this is normal. People in the know will recognize the link and know that you are joking. This is how Internet trolls psychology works.

Build Your Collection of Content

In order to contribute to this good cause, you will need to collect a collection of the most disgusting content on the Internet. This may help you if you are thinking about how to become a paid Internet troll. Good trolls are paid only for quality work.

If You Cannot Handle Such a Simple Task, This Type of Trolling Is Not for You

To tell you the truth, trolling in general is probably not yours, because people think so why are there so many trolls on the Internet?

Remember Memes

Study Your Demotivators (Memes)

why is it called trolling

"Troll Face", "Challenge accepted" and others. Study your memes and when it is appropriate to apply them. They all have a specific meaning or subtext. But if you apply it appropriately, then everyone will laugh.

Be Mindful of Using Memes

Don't use them too often. Don't reply with a meme every time. First Internet troll cannot show a Troll Face at all times. This will not add charisma and originality to you, will not make you a worthy member of the community.

Your Memes Must Be Relevant

why do people troll

They become outdated quickly. This is all because of the damn Internet, which is going by leaps and bounds. After a while, it becomes neither original nor funny. Quoting Seinfield or Friends all the time will not look funny at all. Of course, it was once funny. In the 90s.

Dilute the Pranks with Original Humor

Internet troll memes are great because in places they can help relieve tension or make someone laugh. But, in fact, try to bring some of your original humor into the situation. Blog creators want these 3 parts of helpful tips on how to become a troll to help you. But don't forget the important Internet trolling facts. On forums and online games, you can get banned for trolling if it is too harsh or aimed at the actions of average users.

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