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Hundreds were touched by the death of Waffles the giraffe


The zookeeper said a structure with several animals, including Waffles the giraffe, caught fire on Monday around 5:30 pm. When the chief operating officer arrived at the scene of the tragedy, he managed to save only the cheetahs and other small animals that were there. He desperately tried to help Waffles and another giraffe, but most of the barn was in smoke and the animals died in the fire after all. The cause of the incident is still being investigated.

Since then, people haven’t stopped grieving and have left a lot of messages on the zoo’s page. For example, Gillian Giannetti and her daughter have been to the zoo nearly 50 times to see the giraffe. A 5-year old girl even has a favorite toy, a giraffe, which she takes everywhere she goes. And Rachel Rozner said she and her husband were shocked when they heard this terrible news.

After they had to reschedule their wedding last year due to the coronavirus, they decided to hold it right at the zoo. And the giraffe took an active part in the ceremony- it was the best man. Despite the fact it ate the flowers on his “suit” and slobbered on the officiant, everyone enjoyed this kind of party. Firemen suggested that the fire could have started from the heater used on cold nights. They fought with the fire for 45 minutes and the building was nearly destroyed.

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