IKEA Will End Production of the Shark Plush Toy in April 2022
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IKEA Will End Production of the Iconic Soft Toy in the Shape of a Blue Shark in April 2022

BLÅHAJ shark plush toy

Ikea will no longer release the BLÅHAJ shark plush toy from April 2022. The British sales network support service announced this on Twitter. They already tried to remove the toy from sale in 2015, but then people created a petition demanding that it be returned to stores.

The information that a meter-long blue shark that has become a hit in the world was endangered came after an IKEA customer in the UK was unable to find a toy in a store. He contacted support to find out when the shark would be available again. And a company representative said that BLÅHAJ was currently unavailable for purchase due to supply issues. 

ikea shark blue toy

After seeing this message, IKEA buyers from other countries became agitated and reached out to local support services to find out the fate of plush sharks in their regions.

In 2015, the company tried to stop producing and selling the legendary toy, but users created a petition asking them to return it to stores. The authors of the petition noted that the shark has become the subject of many cute photoshoots, and it is also very pleasant to fall asleep with it. They recalled that other toys were kept in IKEA for much longer, and pointed to the demand for a shark. They also added that the toy will help to nurture a positive attitude towards sharks in children.

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