Otis Bear Was Named the Fattest Bear in Alaska’s National Park
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In Alaska, the Fattest Bear Was Chosen, This Year the 25-Year-Old Otis Won

Katmai National Park the Fattest Bear

Katmai National Park and Preserve which is located in Alaska has announced the winner of the annual Fat Bear Week competition. People gave the most votes for 25-year-old Otis, who received this title for the fourth time. It also came up with an efficient way of fishing.

The main competitor of Otis was Walker, the bear who received just over 44,000 votes. More than 51,000 votes have been given to the winner.

The staff said that Otis was not the fattest bear in the reserve. It started gaining weight before winter later than everyone else but coped well with it in about 7 weeks. The fact is that Otis is about 25 years old, and by bearish standards, it is at a very old age. The bear has lost almost all of its teeth, so it is hard for it to hunt fish. Therefore, it came up with its own way of getting food. Now, Otis just lies in the water and waits for the food to swim closer to it.

fattest bear in the world

Katmai National Park has been running a competition for the fattest bear every fall since 2014. When choosing a favorite, voting participants determine the weight by eye and even draw diagrams to compare the contestants. In 2020, the 635 kilograms bear won.

In total, about 2,200 brown bears live in the reserve. Fatness allows them to successfully hibernate when animals live only on the accumulated fat.

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