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In Brazil, the Cow Escaped From Slaughter to a Water Park and Became a Star

Cow Escaped From Slaughter to a Water Park

The Brazilian cow, that was supposed to be sent to slaughter, escaped from the farm to the water park. The brave animal took a ride on the waterslide and became a local celebrity.

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According to the owner of the farm, he was going to take the two-year-old cow to the slaughterhouse, but it escaped from the pasture. The animal went to a nearby water park and rode the water slides.

The adventures of the escaped cow were captured by an outdoor surveillance camera. First, it climbed the steps up the hill, slowly rolled down, and got stuck, never reaching the pool. Park workers helped it to get out and with the help of ropes pulled it into the water and dragged it out of the pool. Later, the escapee was returned to the owner.

After the incident, the cow became a local celebrity and thus saved its life. The farmer changed his mind about slaughtering it and even gave it the name Slide.

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