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In Great Britain, for the First Time in History, a Man Has a 3D-Printed Eye

Man Has a 3D-Printed Eye

For the first time in history, a patient was provided with a 3D-printed eye in Great Britain. A left eye prosthesis was fitted to a 47-year-old engineer named Steve Verze from London. The clinic claims that this is the first digital eye prosthesis created for a patient.

Now the artificial left eye of the Briton cannot be distinguished from the real one. As doctors say, other prostheses usually consist of a sphere on which the pupil and iris are drawn. And this 3D-printed eye is more realistic. In addition, for the installation of a traditional prosthesis, an orbit impression is required, and when developing a 3D prosthesis, the orbit is digitally scanned.

Experts say 3D printing would help cut the time it takes to create a prosthetic eye in half, from six weeks to about two or three.

3D printing is increasingly being used for the needs of people with disabilities. For example, the Paralympic Games involve athletes wearing prostheses, wheelchairs, and wearing special gloves.

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