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In New York, a Temporary Kiosk Daily Bugle Was Opened Dedicated to Spider-Man

no way home daily bugle

The creators of Spider-Man: No Way Home have recently opened a kiosk where they offered everyone a limited edition of the Daily Bugle. In it, the journalists of the publication promised to tell the whole truth about the personality of Spider-Man. The space also features a crossword puzzle and a caricature dedicated to the superhero.

young heroes of marvel spider man

In the issue of a fictional newspaper, you can find articles about how a superhero destroyed a bridge and several cars, and who MJ is. In the special episode, you can also see a wanted notice for Dr. Otto Octavius. Also at the end of the issue, the editorial office of the newspaper left a message stating that any information about the superhero can be contacted by calling the publication's phone number. Many social media users noted that this option for promoting a movie is a great idea.

In late November, a fictional newspaper of the Marvel Comics universe created a channel on Tiktok. In it, the editor-in-chief of J. Jonah Jameson, played by J.K. Simmons, warns everyone about the danger of Peter Parker.

tom holland daily bugle

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