In Norway, Using Filters on Social Media Will Be Punished 1 Year in Prison
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In Norway, Influencers Who Use Filters on Social Networks Will Face a Prison

Influencers Who Use Filters on Social Networks

In Norway, a new law will soon be entered into force making influencers responsible for using filters on their photos. This measure was taken due to a number of precedents when people were influenced by advertising on the Internet and were deceived. In addition, the Norwegian Ministry of Health noted that anorexia is one of the three most common causes of death for adolescent girls. It is also known that the unattainable beauty standard that bloggers set on social networks plays a significant role in the formation of eating disorders.

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From now on, if a public person posts a retouched photo, the post must have a special label warning subscribers about this, otherwise, the blogger faces up to a year in prison. Parliament voted in favor of the new law, and the date of entry into force will be determined by the Norwegian king Harald V. Similar measures have already been taken in France and Great Britain.

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