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In Sweden, 6 Thousand People Have Installed Microchips With Information About Vaccines

sweden people Installed Microchips

The citizens of Sweden began to implant microchips into their bodies, in which the passport of the COVID vaccine is stored. It is noted that the microchip is about the size of a grain that is under the skin. The microchip is located directly under the skin, either in the hand or between the thumb and forefinger. The implantation procedure is completely reversible and does not even require a special application in the smartphone.

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According to the chief specialist of Epicenter, the developed microchip is a versatile technology suitable for a variety of purposes, and not only for the identification of vaccinated and recovered patients. The chip allows you to save not only information about vaccinations but also contracts, travel passes, gym membership.

By this time, about 6 thousand Swedes have already inserted such a microchip into their hands. Not the fact that all of them will use it, including for the backup version of the covid passport.

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