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In Switzerland, the Country’s Government Approved the Use of a Euthanasia Machine

switzerland suicide capsula

Switzerland allowed the use of a Sarco capsule for voluntary euthanasia. The device has successfully passed the legal examination. Its developer is Exit International, and the capsule was created using a 3D printer.

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Inside, the Sarco is filled with nitrogen that reduces the air concentration by up to 1%. As a result, the person feels disoriented and may feel mild euphoria before losing consciousness.

After the person is asked a few questions, they can press a button, which starts the process, which takes about 30 seconds. Death occurs as a result of a lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide. At the same time, the person has neither panic nor a feeling of suffocation.

In Switzerland, euthanasia is legal. It can be applied not only to citizens of the country but also to foreigners. This requires testimony- an incurable disease that causes suffering.

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