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In the Forest, a Drunk Man Took Part in the Search for Himself Together With Rescuers

Drunk Man Took Part in the Search for Himself

A man who was drunk joined people who were looking for him in the forest, not knowing who they were searching for. He reacted after hearing the volunteers shouted his name.

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In a forest in Turkey, an extremely high man was involved in his own search. On September 29th, a 50-year-old Beyhan Mutlu was chilling in the forest together with his friends. They had fun, were drinking a lot, and then under alcoholic conditions, the man went into the forest and disappeared. It was a deep night when friends called the police, as they could not find their buddie on their own.

A Drunk Man Who Lost in the Forest Helped Rescuers To Find Himself

Local residents together with enforcement officers and rescuers organized the search party for the missing man. They started to search the forest. And after hearing the volunteers shouting the missing man's name loudly, one of those who helped the operation responded. It turned out that the man joined the search without knowing who they were looking for. The police filled a report on the completion of the operation and brought the missing person home.

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