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In the United States, Money From an Armored Truck Was Spilled Out Onto the Highway

Drivers scramble as money falls from armored truck in Carlsbad
Drivers scramble as money falls from armored truck in Carlsbad

In the US state of California, an armored truck dropped money down the highway. The doors of the van carrying money suddenly opened while driving, and numerous bills spilled out onto the roadway. According to one eyewitness, there were thousands of dollars on the road. The passing cars began to stop, and soon the highway was completely closed. Some drivers caught the flying money, others filmed what was happening on their mobile phones. The video released shows about ten people collecting dollars that have been scattered on the ground.

The police arrived almost an hour later. Two people, a man, and a woman picking up the scattered bills were arrested at the scene. The rest of the drivers managed to escape with the money, but they also run the risk of going to jail. They are expected to be found from video recordings of the incident that appeared on social networks. In addition, the collectors of the scattered bills were shot by the driver of the armored truck.

The police stressed that even if the money is returned, the kidnappers will have to be punished. The amount of the disappeared money is not named. It is only known that there was a decent amount of money in the car. The incident is being currently investigated by the authorities.

Earlier it was reported that in the American city of Indianapolis several bags of money fell out of an armored truck. People passing by filled their pockets with bills until the police arrived.

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