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In the USA, McDonald’s Decided To Give Food to School Employees for Free

free meal for teachers mcdonalds

In the USA, McDonald’s has decided to feed school staff with breakfast for free. The promotion will last for five days, starting from 11 to 15 October.

To receive a free meal which varies depending on the location of the restaurant, teachers and other school staff must present a valid work ID at any establishment in the chain.

The company explained that the free breakfast is the first big national gesture of gratitude to teachers and all school staff for their work. And, besides, in this way, the fast-food chain decided to develop the idea of ​​a similar last year's Thank You Meals campaign.

thank you meal educators

In 2020, the chain's restaurants served 12 million free meals to emergency responders and healthcare workers who were treating COVID-19 patients.

McDonald’s decided to launch Thank You Meals for school staff after learning about similar promotions in other American restaurants dedicated to teacher recognition.

All free meals within the promotion will be packed in a Happy Meal box, but teachers and other school staff will receive a thank you note instead of a toy.

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