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In the USA, the Singer Sophia Urista Peed Her Fan’s Face During a Performance

The participant of the American show, The Voice, peed on the fan right on the stage when she was singing the famous hit. The fan of the artist himself agreed to this and began to jump happily after this happened.

Singer Sophia Urista Peed Her Fan’s Face During a Performance

The incident took place at the Welcome To Rockville rock festival in Florida. Sophia Urista performed the hit Wake Up, and at that time invited the viewer to the stage. The guy came out and lay on his back, while the lead singer of the group Brass Against pulled off her pants and began to pee on his face to the shouts of the crowd.

Users believe that the singer should be punished for such an act. Some are convinced that Sophia has serious mental problems. They also wonder why the fan continued to have fun at the concert after the incident. It is known that the police received a complaint about the singer's inappropriate behavior. She may face imprisonment for up to 1 year or a 1,000 dollars fine. By the way, one user asked who then removed the scene. The team replied that Sofia washed everything up herself after the concert.

Later, the group promised that this will not happen again. Users have been denied access to comments under the post.

It is known that the Brass Against group positions itself as a band whose music inspires social and personal change. By the way, when Sophia took part in American Voice, her mentor was Miley Cyrus.

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