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Indian Police Accused Amazon of Marijuana Smuggling, the Investigation Is Open

Amazon India executives investigated in drug case
Amazon India executives investigated in drug case, police say

Indian Police have filed a case against Amazon India executives. Management was suspected of using marijuana smuggling in the South Asian market. The police haven't revealed yet how many people they accused. 

It all started when the officers arrested two men with 20 kilograms of marijuana and discovered that they were using the platform to smuggle and distribute the substance under the guise of dried stevia leaves (a natural sweetener). According to police, who previously spoke with Amazon executives, 1 ton of marijuana was sold through the company's website for about 148,000 dollars.

An Amazon spokesman said the company does not allow the sale of illegal products. India is now a key overseas market for Amazon. The American e-commerce giant has invested over 6.5 billion dollars to operate in this country.

Recently, Indian law enforcement agencies have stepped up their efforts to combat drug trafficking. Since last year, many well-known Indian actors and TV presenters have been under the scrutiny of drug control officers.

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