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Indian Prisoners Don’t Want to Get Out | But Prisoners’ COVID-19 Vaccine Wasn’t Provided

indian prisoners

In India, the prisoners weren’t released due to COVID-19. They didn’t want to get out of prison on parole because they think it's safer to stay in the prison now. The thing is, Indian prisons provide food and regular medical check-ups. The prisoners say that once they get out of prison they will have to fight to survive. Moreover, most of them are afraid of coronavirus.

Recently in nine prisons, more than 20 prisoners refused to get out on parole. The prisoners are sure that being in prison is safer and healthier because they are provided not only with food but also with necessary drugs for treatment. However, prisoners’ COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t still be provided.

The head of the Indian prison system emphasized that the prisoners expressed their wishes in writing, in accordance with the requirements, so their position should be accepted and respected. Now the question of are prisoners getting the COVID-19 vaccine is being concerned.
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