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Individual Oreo Packs Were Presented Special for Publication of UFO Report in June

Oreo packs

Oreo made a special cookie bag to give to aliens. Oreo snack packs were sold out in a few hours.

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Everyone's favorite Oreo cookie has created special packaging for the original limited-edition sandwich cookie. Oreo’s individual packs include a black background with a blue design intended to place a cookie in the middle as a suggestion to the aliens. It is even written on the bag: The unification of all forms of life.

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Along with the updated individual Oreo packs, Oreo also made a real sign for aliens in the shape of a circle designed on a Kansas farm with the shape of an Oreo chocolate cookie.

The social media campaign is connected to the planned publication of a government report concerning unidentified flying objects in US airspace. The results about mysterious objects are going to arrive by June 29, causing public interest.
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