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The Metaverse Is Getting Closer | Instagram Has Recently Added a New Feature

nft avatar
nft avatar

Instagram now has a new feature that allows you to create a personalized avatar- an analog of Memoji on Apple gadgets. Interestingly, previously such avatars were available only to some users of the platform.

To activate and customize your avatar, you need to go to the profile tab, select Settings, then go to Account and choose Avatars. You can then customize your character based on your appearance, choosing skin color, eyes, hair, clothing, and so on.

Once your digital identity is complete, your avatar will be saved as a sticker that you can select from your Instagram stories.

At the same time, the designs are not exact copies of the user. So far, these are just some kind of caricatures of the user, which they can create, having access to a wide range of different functions. According to the experts, different body types do not count, and all avatars have the same slender physique.

Judging by the Meta logo, this may be another step in the company's metaverse strategy, and characters can be used in virtual reality.

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