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Instagram Is Testing Take a Break To Remind You To Take a Pause From Using the Application

Instagram Is Testing Take a Break

Instagram has announced it has begun testing a new function, Take a Break. The application will remind you when the time for watching the tape has expired and will advise you to take a couple of deep breaths or listen to your favorite music. If the user turns on this function and sets a time limit (10, 20, or 30 minutes, depending on preferences) that he can spend watching the feed, then after this period the application will remind that it is time to close Instagram.

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The test of the function that will help prevent the development of Internet addiction began this week and is scheduled to arrive in December.

Previously, Instagram offered users up to 35 thousand dollars for posting short videos on Reels. According to the bonus program, content authors with thousands of subscribers earned from watching their videos starting from several hundred dollars a month.

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