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Instagram Will Add a Paid Subscription to Exclusive Content From Bloggers

Instagram will soon let users support creators through subscriptions
Instagram will soon let users support creators through subscriptions

Instagram is planning up to launch subscriptions to individual bloggers' content. The social network recently added the cost of a paid subscription to its App Store listing.

In May of this year, the head of Instagram revealed in an interview that the platform is exploring the idea of ​​subscriptions, noting that there are different ways to ease the financial relationship between subscriber and author.

So, in the list of products in the app description, there are now four options for Instagram Subscriptions, priced from 0.99 to 4.99 dollars. Previously, social media only had Instagram Badges available for in-app purchases. The fans can buy virtual items to support bloggers on live streams. Their cost ranges from 0.99 to 4.99 dollars.

Subscriptions will allow fans of certain bloggers to pay them for exclusive content that will not be shown to others. Paying for a subscription will allow users to get a special badge next to their nickname, according to screenshots posted this summer by the developer of the company. Exclusive content will also receive its own labeling. Instagram has not yet commented on the presented pricing of the paid subscription.

The social network is also working on exclusive stories. Typically, the company tests new features with a small group of contributors before making them publicly available.

In the past few weeks, the developers have significantly updated the application. So, the social network increased the duration of uploaded videos from one minute to an hour. In addition, the users are now to create joint posts and Reels at once, and also can add hyperlinks to their stories.

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