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International Pizza Day

international pizza day

Today the planet is celebrating International Pizza Day! The world goes crazy about pizza. It is the most popular fast food dish all around the world, the only concurrent maybe burgers. 

Pizza Day, your time to get your pizza dining game on! Yes, you understood perfectly! An entire day mark that tasty carb that almost nobody can do without! From the start of the day gastronome contributions pizza has gained the heart and stomachs of souls all around the Earth. Do you admire the common cheese and tomatoes? 

Are you bolder and need to show off that in your pizza toppings? Now is time to say it to the world! Take photos, try new recipes, and let the rest of the planet see favorite triangles!

What is the best pizza in the world?

pizza day

The most simple and common one is Margarita. Also, well-known variations are Pepperoni, 4-Cheese, Sea Food, BBQ, Texas. You can write down your favorite one. For example. our team loves classic ones.

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How to celebrate Pizza Day?

Eat. Eat. Have a break. Repeat! Boost your belly with different toppings and types of pizzas! Explore the whole variety of tastes, enjoy and share your favorite dish with friends and family members. We would be happy to see your picture on Instagram. Tag #everythingisviral and don’t forget to subscribe on our blog.

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