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A Selection Of Memes About The Invincible. Parody Of Mark Meme From GTA, Half-Life, And Others

On April 30, Amazon Prime released the final episode of Invincible, an adult animated series, and an adaptation of the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. The cartoon tells the story of Mark Grayson, the son of the most powerful superhero on Earth and an ordinary woman. A teenager is just beginning to develop his powers, and he needs to learn how to deal not only with them but in general with the status of a superman.

Famous Mark Meme

Mark Meme

A shot from Amazon's cartoon "Invincible" has got hundreds of parodies of pop cultural phenomena: movies, TV shows, games, and other memes.

Spoilers: Below is a scene from the last episode of Season 1. If you don't want to know the plot, it's best to skip the next two paragraphs.

In the course of the series, it turns out that Grayson's father is not the protector of the Earth, but an alien invader. In the final episode, a fight takes place between Mark and his father Omni-man, with Grayson Sr. having a clear advantage. Using the fight as a way to teach a lesson, Omni-man lectures his son on how the world works, continuing to beat him fiercely.

The superhero (more precisely, already a supervillain) hoped that his son would go over to his side, and during a fight calls on him to turn on his head, bending over the beaten Mark: “Why did you make me do this? You fight to watch everyone else die around you. Think, Mark!" At this moment, Omni-man characteristically brings his fingers to his temples. Now you know the history of the shot of the popular Invincible meme.

Half-Life Meme

Half-Life Meme

Social media users have taken a moment from the dramatic scene and transferred it to hundreds of other elements of pop culture. It all started with a reference to the game Half-Life in the Superhero meme, where the characters "Invincible" were replaced by J-Man and Gordon Freeman.

Films and Series

think meme
film think meme
garfield meme
spider man meme

In a few days, the scene from the animated series was recreated by the heroes of films, TV series, games, TV shows, and other Think memes. You can see how users portrayed the main characters from the series "Rick and Morty", "Catdog", "Garfield" and from the movie "Spiderman" in Invincible do you know what i mean memes.

Games and Invincible

gta meme
sonic meme

The trend is to use the famous frame "Think, Mark!" as inspiration. Popular games were not spared either – memes were created about GTA, Sonic, Cyber Punk and many others. Every fan of these games considered it their duty to create a When you think you know someone meme with a reference to the Invincible.

The authors of the blog were happy to tell you the story of the appearance of the meme "Think, Mark!" and show many other memes based on it.

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