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Is It For Me Meme: Emoticon With The Fingers Almost Touch And Point At Each Other

is it for me meme
is it for me meme

Is it for me? – a meme with a shy emoticon, to which an emoji with index fingers was added. The symbol, in which the fingers almost touch and point at each other, also means constraint and indecision. At the same time, the smiley looks very embarrassed and with reddened cheeks.

Meme Origin

for me meme

The two-pointing finger emoji symbol has been around on the internet since at least 2011. But in 2020, TikTokers made a big Is It For Me meme.

For several months, the trend has intensified. Emoticons and gestures with index fingers have become commonplace for those who sit on Twitter or Tiktok.

is that for me meme

At the end of August 2020, a For Me meme appeared on Reddit, in which people combined these symbols with another shy smiley. The result is a solid character who blushes, lowers his eyes, and brings his index fingers together. In addition to the image was the phrase “Is this for me?” or “Is this for me?”

Initially, memes of this format played with the theme of imperialism and possessiveness. For example, concerning Western European colonialism.

Over time, the meme became generally about everything. The shy emoji asks “Is this for me?” when it comes to food, money, and nerves. But behind his shyness, most likely, the deep irony is hidden.

Meme Meaning

The Is That For Me meme, in which the shy emoji moves its index fingers together, usually speaks of embarrassment and indecision. This is how people talk when they're embarrassed.In memes, the phrase “Is this for me?” ironic. The character speaks on behalf of a teacher or mother, who understands who the topic of conversation is intended for. Such a universal meme context allows it to be used for various life situations. Social media users are very fond of making funny pictures about historical facts, moments in cult films, and other popular events that everyone knows about. After we learned the It Me meme meaning, let's move on to a selection of the best pictures.

A Selection of Memes

is it me meme

Is It Me meme for history buffs? Yes, England in those days sought to conquer the surrounding lands and almost successfully coped with this.

it me meme meaning

The whole joke in this picture is that serotonin helps get rid of harmful substances that have entered the body, causing diarrhea. In brain tissue, serotonin regulates anxiety, joy, and is responsible for mood. Low hormone levels have been linked to depression.

is for me meme

Every dog ​​that sees you open the bag thinks that you’ll start feeding him. It is very pitiful for mongrels and even the heart breaks at the sight of hungry animals. So you go to the store and buy them something to eat.

for me mem
for me mem

For violation of discipline at school, many teachers like to take away the phone during class. There are even cases when the teacher says that he’ll give the phone only to parents. At such moments it becomes especially scary, but have you ever experienced this?

We advise you to save the template of this meme and try to create a new funny picture. Delight your friends with such a meme when they offer you something, for example, and you send this cute picture in return. They smile. This meme can be found not only in such a use, just turn on your imagination!

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