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Is Manifest TV Canceled? | It Was Announced That the Series Will Not Appear on NBC


When the drama with supernatural elements, called Manifest, firstly appeared on Netflix streaming service, the series immediately received positive reviews. Especially everybody enjoyed its first season when three extra episodes were added. And currently, it is ranked first place in the top 10 of streamers in the United States. However, it was announced that Manifest is canceled, and the series wants to find another place for streaming, but not NBC.

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Manifest was produced by Warner Bros. Television in cooperation with Universal Television. The series was created by Jeff Reick and originally was planned as a six-season project. The first series arrived in September 2018 and told about the aircrews and passengers who suddenly arrive after being considered dead for five years. Then they find that their family members and friends changed, and begin to see the images of the future.

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