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It Is Reported, We May See the Singer Harry Styles in the Upcoming Movie Eternals

harry styles joins to marvel studios as actor

Recently, rumors have surfaced on the Web that Harry Styles will also be featured in the upcoming Eternals movie. The tape showed Thanos' younger brother named Eros, and the 27-year-old actor allegedly played this role. In recent years, the English singer has been steadily gaining popularity in the acting business.

According to the comics, Eros grew up as a cheerful and carefree lover of female attention, but he became more serious about life after Thanos killed their mother. Unlike his brother, Eros adhered to a good attitude and once even helped the Avengers defeat Thanos. Subsequently, Eros arrived on Earth, where he joined the main team of the planet's defenders and received the superhero code name Starfox. Interesting fact: it was Eros who helped resurrect Vision in the comics.

eternals marvel studios

The highly anticipated premiere of The Eternals, the new potential hit of the Marvel Universe, starring Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie, took place yesterday in Los Angeles. Their children came to support the actresses at such an important event for them.

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