Meet a New Netflix Show About Dating, Called Sexy Beasts | You Will Definitely Be Excited
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It Was Announced Launching of the Dating Show on Netflix | Find Out More About Sexy Beasts

sexy beasts

Netflix is planning to launch a strange dating show that got the title Sexy Beasts. The participants of the show, wearing masks and wild costumes, will go on a first date to see if the only personality can make people fall in love. The players of the new dating show on Netflix will wear extravagant makeup and other attributes in an attempt to answer the question: Is appearance important?

The Sexy Beasts series will arrive starting from July 21st, and it is expected to be a boom. The streaming service has already confirmed 2 seasons, based on a British TV series.

When the first trailer of the Netflix show about dating appeared on Wednesday, it had already earned millions of views. The spectators saw the participants wearing costumes of a devil, panda, fox, and creatures that resemble aliens.

The producers hope the show will make people smile and be excited about how the actors really look. Meanwhile, some of the Internet users feel horror, but some are intrigued about the upcoming show. 
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