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It Was Confirmed That Two Nickelodeon School of Rock Actors Are in a Relationship

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Two School Of Rock actors are now dating in real life. The actors, who played the students Marta and Frankie, now happily live together in New York. Dedicated fans of the film are pleased with this news. The film was released in 2003 in which Jack Black played Dewey Finn, a guitarist who was kicked out of the band. Then, he starts working as a teacher in an elite school and turns his class into a group.

Miranda Cosgrove, in turn, played the excellent student Summer. A few years later, she played Meghan in the Drake and Josh series and starred in iCarly that will soon appear on TV again.

And recently, viewers discovered the status of two more Nickelodeon School Of Rock actors. According to confirmed information, Caitlin Hale and Angelo Massagli, who also starred in School of Rock, are in a relationship. This happened 18 years after the film's release. Both actors played students in Dewey Finn's class. Hale played Marta and Massagli played one of the classroom guards named Frankie. The couple recently moved to New York, where both have already found jobs.
It is believed that lovers started their relationship back in 2016. Fans are delighted to see the School Of Rock actors today who met when they were young. And now they are reunited and in love.

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