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A Woman in a State of Mummification Was Found in a House Two Years After Her Death

italy women mummified

A 70-year-old woman has been recently found in a mummified state two years after her death. She was discovered by local police in her own house which is located in northern Italy.

Marinella Beretta was found in Prestino. Due to bad weather conditions, the police were visiting the area near Lake Como and accidentally passed by her house. There they found the bones of the unfortunate woman who sat at the kitchen table in a mummified state.

According to the reports, the neighbors have not seen her for at least two and a half years, namely since September 2019. They suggested that she left at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the country in 2020.

The police did not find anything at the scene that would indicate criminal activity. The woman had no living relatives so the cost of her funeral was covered by the state.

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