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J.K. Rowling Complains of Harassment by Transgender People and Their Advocates

J.K. Rowling Complains of Harassment by Transgender People

J.K. Rowling received threats from transgender advocates. A writer who criticized modern concepts of gender identity and transgenderness said that she faced harassment from activists. Angered with her statements about transgender people, they threatened her with murder. She described the situation on her Twitter.

Transgender rights activists and defenders have repeatedly accused the British writer of transphobia, a negative attitude towards transgender people. On November 22, Rowling revealed that three trans activists came to her mansion last week and took pictures at the star's door. Then they posted the pictures on the Internet, thereby publishing her home address. The writer contacted Twitter support with a request to remove this information, as well as the police.

Previously, Rowling was not invited to the Harry Potter Special HBO Max. The author of the novel series will not appear in the special episode to mark the 20th anniversary of the book-based film franchise. The writer may not have been invited to the shoot due to the potential dangers that could be associated with supporting her negative statements. However, archival footage of Rowling in the episode will still be shown.

It is noted that the project will be devoted to the creation of films about Harry Potter, and not books. Therefore, the show will be centered around the actors from the franchise and the crew. The special episode will air on the streaming service on January 1st. The company is also working on a series set in Rowling's universe.

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