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Japanese billionaire is looking for 8 people who want to go with him to the moon

yusaku maezawa

This project was first announced in 2018. At first, the man wanted to take only artists with him, but after a while, he changed his mind and decided to start looking for people. Interestingly that this trip to the moon with him is absolutely free. The man wants his invitation to spread among as many people as possible. This will provide a unique opportunity for different people from all over the world, no matter whether you are rich or poor, to join this wonderful journey.

This mission is going to happen in 2023 and its main goal is to transport people and other heavy goods into orbit and beyond. It is expected that the mission will be able to send 10 to 12 people in flight around the moon and then back to Earth. But the company is still in its early stage and is conducting test flights of its prototypes. By the way, this will be the third major space mission that focuses only on the civilian population, which became known in a few weeks.

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