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Jared Padalecki Who Starred in Supernatural Got Injured Due to the Car Accident

Jared Padalecki Accident

Yesterday, Jensen Ackles revealed that his friend and Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki is now recovering from a severe car accident.

According to Ackles, Jared was not driving. He was in the passenger seat and he was really lucky to be alive. However, he suffered serious injuries due to the deployed airbag. This sad news the actor said during a fan meeting that was held over the weekend.

Jensen said that now his friend is doing much better and can even move around. According to Jensen, now his friend only needs support and love.

A couple of months after the release of the final episode of Supernatural, the creators of the series announced the start of the development of the Winchesters. Its plot will tell the story of John and Mary Winchester before they had children.

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